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Over deze job

First things first: voor deze functie is Babel op zoek naar versterkingen die hun Engels onder de knie hebben tot minimaal een C1-niveau. That’s why we’ll do the rest of this vacancy in English!

Are you as cool as a cucumber when it’s needed? Are you an organised and methodical person who works well in a team? Come and join the Exam Day Team at Babel! You will be part of a young team that is responsible for tasks on and around exam days in Utrecht. On these days you will be invigilating during Cambridge English exams, and preparing so that candidates are welcomed and can take their exams with no fuss or drama. 

This is what you're looking for

  • A solid salary
  • A parttime job in which you can use and develop your excellent English
  • Rooms full of people that appreciate your calming energy
  • A bunch of youthful, multilingual colleagues

Is this for you? This is how you apply:

Let's meet!
Aan de slag!
Let's get to work!

This might not be for you if

  • You are reading this vacancy with the help of Google Translate
  • You are only ever in Utrecht to switch trains
  • Being in front of a group of exam candidates makes you stutter
  • Updating your Windows software is something your dad does for you


More information

What are the working hours and secondary working conditions?

  • Compensation for travel expenses if needed
  • Working hours – depends, most exams are during the day but we do have some rounds that are in the evening hours
  • There will be a quick intake with Babel to check just how stellar your English is
  • There will also be a one hour webinar covering the dos and don’ts of an exam day

What does a typical working day look like?

You start at 8AM, meet your supervisor for that day, and collect your exam materials for your group as well as the other materials you need. You prepare your room / area for your candidates, and get everything good to go!

You welcome your candidates into your room so they can begin their exams at 9AM sharp and talk them through what the day will look like, and then distribute exam papers to them. As they do their exams, you check that everything is running smoothly and you help your candidates however they need it. You make sure that no one cheats that everyone is aware of the rules for the day, but you’re also aware that you’re dealing with people on a stressful day, and that kindness and calmness are what’s needed to help.

What role will Maqqie fullfil?

We will carry out your salary administration. This means that:

  • We will put your salary into your bank account (weekly, 4-weekly of monthly)
  • And also pay your holiday fee
  • We will keep track of your holiday credits
  • And last but not least... We will carry out your pension contributions

Are you a recruiter?

Well, welcome to the smoothest job board of The Netherlands! At Maqqie we think work should be fun, and so should reading vacancies be. Do you know the perfect candidate? You can always give us a call ;-)


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